On the Front Porch
© By Grady L. Duncan

Fondly I recall the leisure times,
when a day’s work was finally done,
that we gathered on the front porch,
to spend some time just having fun.

Grandma rocked in her rocking chair,
as she diligently was shelling peas,
as the dogs would lay around lazily,
only moving to scratch their fleas.

Grandpa would tell wild stories,
‘til grandma had had enough,
then he’d move his chair around,
so as to spit those squirts of snuff.

Others would join in with grandma,
helping to speed her task along.
Soon someone would start singing,
some of those old forgotten songs.

We kids would listen intently,
to the stories that grand folks told,
or try to learn all of the lyrics,
of those various songs of old.

Some would clamor for a seat,
in the constantly moving porch swing;
There to build fondest of memories,
that those youthful years now bring;

The squeaking sounds the swing made;
the laughter I can still recall,
when jokes were shared in fun,
though I didn’t understand them all.

Those are my cherished treasures.
I reflect on those days now passed,
and will share with all who follow,
‘til I rest in peace at last.
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