Papa Remembered
© By Grady L. Duncan 
Grandpa was a crusty old man, never had much to say,
but  enjoyed sitting on the porch, watching his grandkids play.
He had a mischievous nature, a prankster from the start,
but he was a generous soul, with a great big tender heart.
I'm sure the kids remember, how it gave him such delight,
to maneuver any situation, into getting us boys to fight.
Then when he had succeeded, our parent came on the double.
Though he had had his fun, he had gotten us all in trouble.
His walk was a slow shuffle, 'cus he had to use a cane,
with which he hooked and prodded, driving us kids insane.
Although he never hurt us, we had an awful dread.
of being hooked by his cane, so we hid underneath the bed.
Somehow he always knew, the destination of our retreat,
and would hook us with his cane, and drag us out by our feet.
We were fast as greased lightning, and he was as slow as a snail.
When we were tired of his antics, we'd go to grandma and tell.
She would holler from the kitchen, as if she had a megaphone.
"Lawson, quit your foolishness, and leave those kids alone."
Then he'd respect her wishes, and shuffle off to his room,
or return to the front porch, and sit there in deepest gloom.
Though he was old in years, he was still young in his heart.
If he would cause someone hurt, he surely would never start.
As I reflect on those days, I know he was just having fun.
The source of all his joys, was his grandkids, everyone.
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Midi - "This Old Man"
Seq'r Unknown
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