Paper And Stone
© By Grady L. Duncan

As I thumb through photo albums,
and see their pictures on the wall,
I can still hear their voices,
and vivid moments I can recall.

Former generations of my family,
and loving friends I have known,
are held in precious memories.
It’s there that they live on.

I can still hear their laughter,
and feel their gentle touch.
The kind words that were spoken
have come to mean so much.

They gave my life direction,
in a gentle and loving way.
I’ve respected their instruction,
even until this very day.

Time will erase their memory,
as I will follow them at last.
There will be no recollection,
of those that are in the past.

In the coming generations,
they will only be known
by images captured on paper,
and names engraved in stone

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