Persimmon Pucker
© By Grady L. Duncan

Scattered through the woods back home,
grows the native persimmon tree.
It bears a fruit of great delight
for a curious young boy like me.

A favorite treat for ‘possums and ‘coons,
at a certain time of each year.
They know when the time is right;
for me, that time was never too clear.

Make no mistake about it though,
Nature has played me for a sucker,
when taking a bite before that time,
my whole mouth began to pucker.

My teeth, pallet, tongue and gums
were instantly coated with cotton.
No matter how hard I might have tried,
that annoyance was not soon forgotten.

My lips drew into a tight pucker,
as if getting ready for a big kiss.
I had to go around for a while,
looking much like some tropical fish.

Take it from one who knows,
don’t try it to see how it draws,
unless you think you are prepared,
to eat your meals through soda straws.

The reward is worth the wait.
When they become a golden yellow,
after the first frost has come,
they soften and become mellow.

The taste is delightfully sweet,
reminding me of a ripe dried date.
Remember those ‘coons and ‘possums.
Better hurry or you’ll be too late.
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