Popeye The Hound
                        © By Grady L. Duncan
One day, daddy came home,
leading a dog he'd found.
He seemed to claim it for himself,
since it was a "Walker Hound,"

About half grown I'd suppose,
big but not too bright.
Afraid of his own shadow,
and howled most of the night.

Intending to train him,
to hunt 'possums and 'coons,
We took him ah hunt'n,
one night by a full moon.

A friend, daddy worked with,
owned some brushy land,
And he had some trained dogs,
a couple of "Black and Tans."

We thought they'd be of help,
to train daddy's loathsome friend,
So we lit up our lanterns,
and the hunting began.

The Black and Tans went tracking,
their noses, to the ground,
But daddy's dog was afraid,
and wanted to hang around.

Sniffing the ground in circles,
never leaving the lantern light,
While both of the other hounds,
were out there in the night.

Soon they got the scent,
and began their eerie bay.
The trail that they had picked up,
was headed back our way.

Popeye, daddy's hound dog,
was up ahead, but nearby,
When out of the darkness came,
the hounds with glowing eyes.

The noise they were making,
and the suddenness of it,
Caused poor old Popeye,
to have a conniption fit.

He took out ah running,
through cactus, briars and thorns,
Most likely regretting the fact,
he was ever born.

There was no stopping him.
He never broke his stride.
When he reached a dry creek bed,
he was airborne 'til the other side.

How we finally caught him,
doesn't come to mind,
But his condition was,
that of a porcupine.
The Vet took one look at him,
and the decision made.
So he is in dog heaven,
now he's not afraid.

I suppose there's a lesson,
from this we can glean.
When we try to do something,
that seems beyond our means.

Don't let it bother you,
causing you to feel put down.
You don't have to be a hunter,
just 'cuz your a hound.

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