© By Grady L. Duncan 
My life began in transition, from the horse and buggy days,
and that is known as progress, in many different ways.
The horse was replaced, with a gas burning motor;
The buggy, by the car, whose exhaust had a different odor.
Coal oil lamps and lanterns, were used to brighen our nights.
They were soon replaced, with the brighter electric lights.
We now have indoor plumbing, with its sanitary ways,
which was a great big step, from those privy days.
Only letters for communication, when away from home,
Although they were invented, nobody had a telephone.
TV wasn't even a dream.  We finally got a radio.
It provided some entertainment, and kept us in the know.
Then came the airplane, roaring across the sky.
We thought, we'd have wings, if God wanted us to fly.
Movies were black and white, showing them move and walk.
Now they are in color, and you can hear them talk.
Progress has followed progress, at a mind boggling pace,
Until in the present age, we have traveled into outer-space.
No matter what lies before us, at times, I go back in time,
and live in those olden days, if only in my mind.
I see some carefree boys, a can of worms and fishing poles,
skipping down a dusty road, heading for their fishing holes.
Knowing not what the future holds, nor do they really care,
with minds on fun and friends, and the good times they share.
Skinny dipping and fishing, was their whole worlds;
slingshots and marbles, making faces at all of the girls.
That slower life was good, but it gradually picked up the pace.
Now those times are gone, and we're running the old rat race.
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Midi - "Good Old Days"
Seq'r Unknown
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