Pushing The Envelope
                        © By Grady L. Duncan                       

When I was just a young lad,
and had finally learned to read,
I began to learn a few things,
about lift, and drag and speed.
I read about those Wright boys,
of how they were able to fly.
I figured, if they could do it,
then certainly, so could I.

The sources of one genius,
soon, were multiplied by three,
for we formed an alliance;
my brother, my cousin, and me.
We each had our own ideas,
but we needed a working plan.
Without a formal drawing board,
we drew with a stick in the sand.

An apple box for a cockpit,
Slats and cardboard for the wings,
Axle and wheels from a wagon,
and umpteen dozens of other things.
It was all held together,
with string, nails, tape and thread.
It was fashioned and assembled,
on the roof of a chicken shed.

Since we had no engine,
it would just have to glide.
With such a small cockpit,
only one person had room to ride.
The others would have to push,
so they couldn't ride anyway.
Someone else could go first.
I was unselfish that way.

My cousin got in the cockpit.
My brother and I were behind.
I had chosen to go last.
Really, I---I didn't mind.
My cousin yelled out, "Contact!"
That's what pilots would always say.
Then with a mighty shove,
we sent him on his way.!!!

Like and eagle on cardboard wings,
we thought he was heavenward bound,
until we heard a mighty thud,
when he nose-dived into the ground.
I guess it was a big success,
If you go by what pilots say;
"You've had a successful landing,
anytime you can walk away."

Midi - "Air Force Anthem"
Seq'r Unknnown
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