© By Grady L. Duncan 
What do you expect from retirement?
You think you'll have time on your hands.
You're working to build a nice nestegg,
and making such wonderful plans.
Good Luck, my friend.  May it happen,
before the next Stock Market crash,
when all of your life's savings,
become no more than Petty Cash.
When you do it, keep it real quiet,
although you are filled with glee.
They're many that need your service,
and they want it done for free.
Tell the kids, you're going somewhere,
and you won't have a phone.
You're going to spend their inheritance,
and you want to be left alone.
In time, you may get lucky.
The Undertaker will be a retard,
and let your final expenses,
be charged on your Credit Card.
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MIDI - "Aloha Oe"
Seq'd by Unknown
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