The Road of Life
© By Grady L. Duncan
The road was often rocky.
Many hills I've had to climb.
I often stopped to wonder
Am I just wasting time?
In youth the way was easy.
It was just a pleasant stroll,
but has become much harder,
now that I'm growing old.

I've walked by babbling brooks,
and among the shady trees.
I've faced the fiercest storms,
while sailing life's raging seas.
Though many days had sunshine,
bringing much joy along the way,
there were days of storms and peril
and troubles that darkened my days.

There is nothing of which to boast,
and there's no cause to complain.
When my course of life is finished,
few will even remember my name.
I often extended my hand,
to help others along the way.
Maybe I've made a difference,
but who am I to say.

I've been able to come this far,
because of the help of friends.
They'll probably be there for me,
'til my earthly journey ends.
They have been God's blessing.
He works through others, you know.
So I'll just keep on climbing,
'til it's my time to go.

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