Running On Empty
© By Grady L. Duncan

The years have passed by quickly,
and I seem to have lost track.
But then, it’s been quite a while
as I stop and start looking back.
Young and full of energy,
I kept my mother on the run,
while I wandered around town,
having what I thought was fun.

Not a worry or burden I bore,
running light and free of care,
one minute I was under foot,
the next, I’d vanish into thin air.
I was running on high octane,
and was carrying a full tank.
But one thing stood in my way;
when daddy would pull his rank.

Mother was not neglectful.
It was an impossible task,
to corral my wanderlust ways,
was more than anyone should ask.
The years have mastered that problem.
My life has had its ups and downs.
I’ve taken on a full load of baggage,
and now I can easily be found.

There’s nobody chasing after me,
so I move at a much slower pace.
If pitted against a snail or turtle,
I’m afraid I’d lose the race.
The tank finally reads, “Empty”.
But, for that I have no fear.
It’s all a down hill grade ahead,
and I can coast home from here.

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