Sand Castles
Sea Shells
© By Grady L. Duncan 
My childern loved building Sand Castles,

In the moist sand on the beach.

The only place they could build them,

Was never out of the tide's reach.
While digging and building,

They'd find sea shells, once in awhile.

Not wanting them in the sand,

They placed them in a pile.
Higher, and bigger, and grander,

They worked most of the day,

Until later on, in the evening,

It would grow too dark to play.
The day having finally past,

It was time to go to sleep.

Tomorrow is another day.

Things begun, would keep.
While they were off in Dreamland,

The tide began to rise. 

When they awoke the next morning,

They couldn't believe their eyes.
After all the time and effort,

And all the work they had done,

The waves surged through the night.

Now all was destroyed and gone.

The tide with all of its power,

Had taken it in the night.

Nothing was left standing.

It was no longer there in sight.
Sea shells, now were visible,

More abundant than before.

The others they had found,

Were still piled upon the shore
Although the kids were unhappy,

And were visibly concerned,

I see, in what happened,

A lesson that we can learn.
Sand castles now remind me,

Of hopes I was once denied,

By the troubles of my life,

Like the beating of the tide.
Thanks Lord, for the blessings.

Like sea shells, they appear.

They show me that you love me,

And you are always near.
Now I know your comforts.

You have given me a new hope.

No matter what troubles may come,

I now have strength to cope.

MIDI - "Ocaruna Of Time"
Seq'r Unknown
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