Saturday Night
Hoe Down
© By Grady L. Duncan 

Grandma was old and feeble.
At least that's what we thought,
Until she heard the news,
that Grandpa mistakenly brought.
Grandma came to life,
and hollered with sheer delight,
"They're having a Country Hoe Down,
on the Square this Saturday Night"
Grandpa donned his overalls,
and a white shirt without a speck.
He wore a big red bandana,
tied loosely around his neck.
His shoes were "Black Brogans,"
with holes in both soles.
Inside, he placed cardboard,
to cover up the holes.
Grandma piled on the petty coats,
with a gingham full skirt on top,
And when grandpa saw her,
his toothless chin just dropped.
Her blouse was sheer and white.
The neck was cut real low.
The sleeves were ballooned,
and tied with ribbon in a bow.
The band was tuning up,
when grandpa and grandma arrived,
But when they had finished,
the whole crowd came alive.
The music that they played,
was Hoe Down, loud and fast.
Surely, at that pace,
grandma could not last.
After a couple of hours,
a young man joined the band.
He stood before the microphone,
with a fiddle in his hand.
He cocked his fiddle,
tightly under his chin.
With a fresh rosined bow,
the tempo increased again.
Grandpa looked at grandma,
and asked if she wanted to quit.
Grandma replied with a grin, saying,
"You ain't seen nothing yet."
She picked up on the tempo,
jigging and jumping around.
Some parts of her went up,
while other parts went down.
This routine went on,
late into the night.
Grandpa was so tired,
he slipped out of Grandma's sight.
Grandma was having fun,
the last to leave the floor.
The music finally quit,
and Grandma hollered, "More!"
The next morning finally arrived.
Grandpa was stiff and in pain.
He was thinking to himself,
"I'll never do that again."
Trying to convey that message,
but before he could speak,
Grandma, excitingly said,
"Let's go again next week."
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