Saturdays In The City
© By Grady L. Duncan

Life was very different, back when I was just a lad.
I’d like to share with you, some good times that we had.
Just to earn some money, it’s surprising what we did.
We gathered up old newspapers, as did lots of other kids.

Newspapers were our “cash crop”, at twenty cents a hundred pounds.
We could make a quick buck, if we scoured our part of town.
The stores gave cash refunds, for glass bottles of certain kinds.
Soda bottles brought three cents; two milk bottles brought a dime.

When Saturday rolled around, we readied for a big day,
and headed for the picture show, to a double feature matinee.
They were mostly Westerns, with Gene Autry, or Bob Steel.
Hoot Gibson, and Hop-A-long Cassidy always gave us a thrill.

The Cisco Kid, and Tim Holt, Tex Ritter and the rest,
preformed their heroic acts, then rode off into the West.
Then came the serials, a segment with a continuing plot,
filled with suspense and action, which we all liked a lot.

There were heroes like Superman, Don Winslow and Sky King,
Flash Gordon and Captain Midnight, Sgt Preston and his dog “King”.
They were always left in perils, to be continued another time.
That kept us coming back, costing us another dime.

Admission was just a dime, to each Saturday’s matinee,
and we always walked to town, sightseeing along the way.
Soda pop was a nickel, popcorn and candy was too.
We spent a hard earned quarter, by the time we were through.
We always stopped by Kress’s, for a glazed donut treat.
They were hot and chewy, and naturally, very sweet.
Then we’d stop at Woolworth, to have a look around,
and spend another quarter, if something special could be found.

We roamed the streets of town, enjoying its exciting scenes,
without the fear of harm, or being bothered by someone mean.
My, my, how things have changed, from the time I was a kid.
Today’s child would be in danger, if they did things we did.

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