Skippy and Mack
    © By Grady L. Duncan 

My grandparents lived in the country.
That's where I considered, "Home."
In the Summer, while on vacation,
we boys were allowed to roam.

The purpose of our visit,
was to lend a helping hand.
With crops still in the fields,
we helped to work the land.

After the work was finished,
there was still time for fun.
We cousins would get together,
and frolic in the Summer sun.

Just a few Rag-Tag boys,
occasionally,  a girl or two,
Mack and Skippy, the dogs,
made up that motley crew.

Our parents weren't very worried,
as long as Mack was along.
He was a German Sheppard,
that was gentle but very strong.

Now, Skippy was another story,
a Rat Terrier that knew no fear.
He would attack a bear,
if he knew Old Mack was near.

Mack, on the other hand,
was cautious with a watchful eye,
always ready to respond,
when he sensed danger nearby.

I'm sure that each cousin,
would have a story to relate,
about Old Mack to the rescue,
to save them from some awful fate.

One day, some of my cousins,
were roaming, as they did in the past,
when Skippy routed some varmint,
hidden in the knee high grass.

The fight was on in earnest.
Mack refrained from joining in.
Then he could wait no longer,
and jumped in to help his friend.

The kids were also curious.
They got closer for a better view,
but, then all of a sudden,
they rebounded, exclaiming, "Phew!"

Skippy and Mack had done it.
It had been better left alone.
It was a black and white varmint,
wearing a hideous cologne.

It had given them all a sample,
and they fled holding their nose.
It had sprayed them all real good,
in their hair and on their clothes.

Mack and Skippy met their match.
Outdone by a half-grown skunk.
My aunt knew what happened.
She could tell by the way they stunk.

The smell would gag a maggot.
The kids admonished on return,
to disrobe out in the yard,
then their clothes were quickly burned.

To this day, they all remember,
that smell carries them back,
and they then, fondly remember,
their friends, Skippy and Mack.
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