© by Grady L. Duncan
Sounds can bring joy. Sounds can bring fears,
causing us to laugh or causing us tears;
Some bring us comfort, giving us relief,
others can be disturbing, causing nothing but grief;

The sound of a bird singing at first light;
The sound of the phone ringing late in the night;
The sound of screeching tires when children are outside;
The bugling of “Taps” at a loved one’s graveside;

The first sound of the crying of a newborn child;
the howling of wolves out there in the wild;
The rumbling of thunder before a summer rain;
the screaming of a loved one writhing in pain.

Emotions are stirred by sounds that we hear,
especially when they come from someone so dear.
The most pleasant of all sounds that I ever knew,
came from the heart in a whisper, “I love you.”