Sounds of Home
©By Grady L. Duncan

Though many days have come and gone,
and time has lapsed into years,
many sounds still flood my mind,
though not heard by others ears;
sounds that stir my memories,
causing longings within my soul.
Now they are only memories,
of someone who's growing old.

I listen closely and I hear
a rooster's crow at early morn
announcing to a wakening world,
a brand new day is born.
I hear a clucking mother hen,
scratching with both her feet,
as her chicks cheep loud and clear,
when they find a morsel to eat.

I can hear a squeaking pulley,
as water is drawn from the well,
and echoing dripping sound,
from the overflowing pale.
I take a pause and linger,
to whistle a familiar tune,
and wait for the well's reply,
for it will be coming soon.

Out back I hear some barking,
from, so-called, "man's best friend,"
The cause for such commotion?..
He's treed the cat again!
The cows are getting anxious,
as they low at the barnyard gate.
They have milk to give away,
and they can hardly wait.

I hear the pleasant singing,
of a happy loving wife,
as she performs labors of love,
and enjoys a wholesome life.
The sound of the old percolator,
tells me that coffee is on to brew.
That sound is gone forever;
replaced with something new.

The sounds of a happy family
as they go about a busy day,
and the children's laughter,
as they enjoy a time of play,
all are haunting memories,
echoing back when I'm alone.
Though vanished forevermore,
I still hear the sounds of home.

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