Spring Is Coming!
© By Grady Duncan
A familiar sound I hear, somewhere up in the sky,
and I quickly look above, seeing geese as they northward fly.
Bluebirds have now returned from their winter’s southland quest.
Soon they'll make their home in a freshly prepared nest.

The Robin is back too, wearing his rusty red vest.
It will be a little while before he builds his nest.
Right now he’s too busy scampering all over the ground,
looking for a big juicy worm, wherever it may be found.

The winter birds are leaving. They are fewer day by day.
I suppose they’ll all be gone, before the first of May.
But, others will replace them.  On that you can place your bet.
It happens every year, so there’s no need to fret.

The squirrels have come out, just to have some fun,
or they sprawl out on a limb, soaking up the noonday sun.
Dogwoods are in full bloom scattered all through the woods,
and in many a flower garden throughout the neighborhoods.

Narcissus and dandelions have raised their flowered heads.
And bouquets of roses will soon grace the flowerbeds.
Fruit trees and redbuds are in their blossoming array.
The works of God’s mighty hand is proudly on display.

New life is springing forth, in the things of His creation,
proclaiming, “There is a God!” to the people of every nation.
It’s the season of refreshing as the gentle breezes blow.
The warmth of the sun has melted the winter’s snow.

Man’s cycle is not the same, each year to start anew.
We only have one chance and then our life is through.
Our spring will be eternal in heaven or in hell,
so we better get it right.  Live your life and live it well.

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