Steaming Along
                   ©By Grady L. Duncan          8/31/04

In the days of yester-year,
when I was still a child,
I traveled on a steam engine train,
for many a delightful mile.
Boarding at the station,
the sounds still linger yet.
The hissing of escaping steam,
and crowd sounds I'll never forget.

Carts piled high with baggage,
being loaded in meticulous order.
Others were carried aboard,
by a very accommodating Porter.
The Conductor barking orders,
helping passengers find their way,
and checking tickets for everyone.
"No one rides unless they pay!"

With departure time at hand,
his call dare not be ignored.
You knew it was time to leave,
When he hollered out, "All Aboard!"
Stepping up on the platform,
he signaled to the Engineer.
The whistle and chugging engine,
were the only things you could hear.

With a bump, and a chug, and a rumble,
and smoke bellowing from the stack,
we began our adventurous journey,
down the shining endless track.
Engine, Coal Car, Baggage and Coach,
Pullman, Diner, Club Car and Caboose,
Reminded me of a charging bull,
or a mutant millipede on the loose.

To a small growing country boy,
it was adventure with a capital "A".
I can still recall those feelings,
Even until this very day.
Those days are gone forever,
never, ever to come again.
Except in the mind of an old man,
who recalls those days back then.

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