Sunday Dinners
©By Grady L. Duncan
With fondness I recall Sunday dinners of olden days.
They were in sharp contrast to our modern ways.
No “eating out” events would ever come to mind.
Restaurants were so few that they were hard to find.

On any Sunday morning, before heading off the church,
we kids would nab some chickens, while sitting on their perch.
Then we’d wring their necks making sure they had truly died.
Then we plucked and cleaned then, readying them to be fried.

Mom was busy in the kitchen mixing up some dough.
The rolls were prepared for rising before we had to go.
Some pies and cakes were baked on the day before.
Everything else could wait until we returned once more.

Before the service would start, Dad would make it known,
the preacher and his wife would be coming to our home.
Maybe some other member’s family would be invited too.
Those times this failed to happen were only just a few.

When the last “Amen” was said, we headed out the door.
Those chickens needed frying and, oh, so much more.
The rolls were to be baked, and veggies put on the heat.
Guests would arrive soon and they would be ready to eat.

A lavish feast was prepared for our guests to enjoy.
A juicy drumstick is waiting for each girl or each boy.
Gathered at around the table, we bowed our heads in prayer.
There was plenty for all and maybe some to spare.

Then the clatter of utensils was like the weapons of war,
and the occasional tinkle of a spoon upon the floor.
Few words were spoken, except “Pass the chicken, please.”,
while enjoying the “Gospel Bird” at Sunday dinners like these.

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