© By Grady L. Duncan            10/19/02     

God, in His compassion, knew what life would bring.
So, within the hearts of man, He placed a crystal spring.
Fed by our emotions, joy and sorrow, pain and fears,
it flows without control, both, sweet or bitter tears.

When hearts are young and tender, the tears are quick to flow.
When hearts are old and calloused, they gradually begin to slow.
Children shed tears with ease, for they often weep.
With time, the flow will ebb, because its source runs deep.

With tears of joy and laughter, the tears flow clear and sweet.
They brighten up the day, for everyone we meet.
If bitter tears should flow, with sadness, sorrow and pain.
The world seems dark and dreary, like the sun won't shine again.

The sweetest of all tears, are motivated by our love.
They have a greater source, which comes from God above.
When we weep for others, o'er things beyond our control.
We feel so weak and helpless, and troubled to our very soul.

Jesus knew that feeling.  He wept in pure agony.
Forsaken by His own people, He went to Calvary.
No, He did no wrong, to deserve that awful death.
Yet, He said "Forgive them.", with His dying breath.

Tears we shed for others, are the bitterest of them all.
because they cause us anguish, and too often, are recalled.
He wept those bitter tears, for those He came to save.
They rejected and shamed Him, still, His life, he freely gave.
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