The Land Without Time
© By Grady L. Duncan
No matter how hard I try,
this old mind cannot conceive,
a world where there is no time.
It’s hard, but I still believe.

There will be no changing seasons;
no winter, spring, summer and fall;
no more daily sunrises nor sunsets,
no more clocks upon the wall.

We’ll hear no tick, tick, tick
as the hours pass away,
but time will be dissolved
into one eternal day.

There will be no need for calendars,
to remind you of coming events
for there will be no more time,
for it all will have been spent.

No more time to say “I Love You!”
to that extra special someone;
no time to say, “I’m sorry!”
for wrongs that you have done.

Was your time spent in folly,
grabbing all the gusto you could?
Or, was it spent in obedience,
serving God and doing good?

While you still have time to spend,
Think!  What about your soul?
Will you be among the saved?...
Or will time have taken its toll?
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