The Next Step
© By Grady L. Duncan

From the day that I was born,
a “Baby Book” was lovingly kept,
recording my life’s progresses;
the first tooth, first word and first step.

In time that book was put away,
for mother’s interest would fade.
She was much too busy to write,
while watching over me as I played.

Another hand continued to write,
recording each step that I took.
God has recorded my life’s steps,
in His wonderfully awesome book.

At times the steps were uncertain,
and some even had gone astray,
but those missteps were erased,
as I repented  of them and prayed.

Those entries were blotted out,
to be remembered never more,
and God continued to write,
as He had done each step before.

The entries are almost finished.
Soon He will write no more,
for I will have taken that last step,
onto heaven’s eternal shore.