The Old Country House
© By Grady L. Duncan

It was nothing fancy, as best as I can recall,
but it seemed like a mansion, because I was so small.
Just an old country farm house, near the bottom of a hill.
Though I was just a baby, I can remember it still.

Made of rough-sawn lumber, and a roof of sheet tin,
with a cedar post foundation, which was never under-penned.
Two rooms and a kitchen, with a toilet out back,
with a well beaten path.  There was nothing we lacked.

It had floral wallpaper, and plain wooden floors,
a porch across the front, and squeaky screen doors.
There was no running water, and no electric lights.
Just a well out back, and lamps to light the night.

Nothing ever was painted.  All was just bare wood.
And it remained that way, as long as it stood.
Doors and windows were open, if you wanted to be cool.
or we set on the porch, on wooden benches or stools.

We used a number two tub, that had hung on a nail,
and filled it with water, we had drawn from the well.
When we all had bathed, the water was a greenish gray.
Then Daddy emptied the tub, and put everything away.

Just one pot-bellied stove, was all we had for heat,
and a big one in the kitchen, to cook something to eat.
When we were sleepy, and our prayers were said,
we soon fell asleep, on a thick feather-bed.

As our eyes grew heavy, and sleep was drawing near,
We could hear mother singing, building memories so dear.
Now the old house is gone. with those joys I had known.
Though it was just an old house, In my heart, it was home.

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