The Peddler Man
© By Grady L. Duncan

You could tell that he was coming,
for a mile or so down the road,
by all the banging and clanging,
of tin utensils that made up his load.
It was just the Dry Goods Peddler,
in his Model-T Ford flatbed truck.
If there was anything you needed,
Well, brother you were in luck.

With his custom made enclosure,
with fold-out sides and back,
his wares were displayed to all,
and there was nothing that he lacked.
Needles, thread and thimbles,
and materials for the skillful wife,
Tobacco goods for the husband,
even an "Old Timers" pocket knife.

There was candy for the children,
All-day suckers and lickerish sticks,
but with the usual warning,
"Too much of that will make you sick".
He sold ruled line note pads,
pencils, pens and bottles of ink.
If you asked him for something,
He'd find it, quick as a wink.

He had wares for the kitchens,
grooming goods for one and all,
teething rings and rattlers for the babies,
for older ones, bats and balls.
When the family was all supplied
He neatly put it all away,
And folded in all the doors,
and hollered, "Have a nice day".

Being we weren't that mobile,
and seldom would go to town,
each member of the family,
was glad that he came around.
As he slowly drove out of sight,
we all had a smile on our face.
but that was a much different time,
in a long ago, yet treasured place.

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