The Sounds of Silence
© By Grady L. Duncan

Any mother can tell you what I am wanting to say,
after listening to her noisy children as they go about their play.
Their noise may be annoying but you know that they’re alright,
But, then she becomes concerned when everything grows quiet.

Your mate may often complain about you snoring all night,
But stop, and they’ll waken you asking, “Honey! Are you alright?”
This may become bothersome and you become an old grouch,
Or you find the best solution is to go sleep on the couch.

What mother doesn’t worry, lying awake throughout the night,
when there’s a newborn in the cradle and it becomes perfectly quiet?
Her ears are attuned to hear each and every whimper or fret.
She’ll soon be checking on the baby. On that you can place a bet.

Any soldier in the trenches, when they’re engaged in a fire fight,
gets just a bit more edgy when everything suddenly becomes quiet.
Not content to sit and wait, someone is soon sent out to scout,
to make some determination, of what the silence is all about.

Silence is not a sign of peace, when that is not the norm.
It may be that it’s the calm, before the fury of a storm.
Silence is not always golden, as someone once has said.
Sometimes it’s the prelude to something that you dread.

Ask any forgetful husband, who overlooked a special date,
failing to bring love’s token to his anxiously waiting mate.
The following silence is deafening and may go on for days.
That’s when you must be leery of her cunning womanly ways.

I’ve had that dreaded sensation way too many times.
The only relief I can find, is to write these silly rhymes.
They sometimes come by inspiration, or maybe by guilt or shame,
but more often from isolation or else I might go insane. 

I can take the wordy discourses when they are sometimes due.
At least I can see what’s gone wrong by the time that she is through.
But silence affords no defenses and looms there like some cloud.
Say what’s on your mind.  Say something for crying out loud!

My wife took offense with what’s written within!....
Now the silence has begun all over again..
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After listening to some of my acquaintances talk,this poem represents the mental picture that I have formed of what married life holds for them. 
It is purely fictional and for your amusement.
(This statement was not coerced nor have I been threatened by my wife)
Music - "Sound of Silence"