Tumbleweed Country
© Grady L. Duncan

In the Texas panhandle, where the dry winds blow,
is where the horned-toads live, and the tumbleweeds grow,
and those Goat-head stickers completely cover the ground.
You best not go through them.  You better go around.

In the heat of the summer, when things are dry as bone,
the sun shine's so hot that, you can cook eggs on a stone.
When you lift your eyes, and look toward the horizon,
you see a mirage like a sea, from the heat that is rising.

Not a breath of air stirring, and not a cloud in the skies,
and the glare of the sun, causes you to squint your eyes.
That’s when you see it!   It comes from nowhere!
All kinds of debris, is being thrown into the air.

A “Devil Dancer” is coming!... that old Texas whirl wind,
you better get outta the way, ‘cause it is nobody's friend.
You can ask anyone, who has experienced its blow.
They will tell you the truth, the outhouse is no place to go.

I once knew a fella, who entered unaware,
and the old Devil Dancer lifted him up into the air,
it spun him around then dropped him to the ground,
landing on the front side, with the door facing down.

He was hollering and screaming, “Let Me Out!”
He was really scared, of that there’s no doubt.
No one had heard him, bless his poor soul,
the only way out was to crawl though the hole.

So, that’s what he did.  There was no other way.
He was barred from the house for the rest of the day.
Now mind what I tell you, or it could happen to you.
Stay out of the privy whatever you chose to do.

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