Unread Bibles
© By Grady L. Duncan

The Bible is just another book,
if left sitting upon a shelf,
but becomes your source of Hope,
if you will study it for yourself.

Many have made it their idol;
worshipping ink, paper and fine hide;
yet never opening it to read
the God sent message inside.

Some place it on their coffee table,
for display, should company come by;
yet, never share its message with them,
of the reason why Christ had to die.

Then if it is ever picked up,
it has become an absolute must,
for at times it has to be moved,
because it is time to dust.

With life’s secrets at their finger tips,
they have no desire to pry,
and learn of their destinies,
when it comes time to die.

Like inmates in a prison,
who hold, in their hands, the key,
but never apply it to the lock,
that they could finally be free.

It is God’s Love Letter to Man,
with promises from beginning to end.
Why not open and study it through?
There’s no better time than now to begin.

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