Voices From The Past
© By Grady L. Duncan 
Time has passed quickly since my life began.
Now I have become a gray haired old man.
With less time before me than what lies behind,
I revert to memories I've stored in my mind.

There I find love ones who've gone on before,
speaking ever so softly, though they're here no more,
sweet words of love and wisdom they impart.
Each word I hold dear, and secure in my heart.

Since they were older and wiser than I,
I've learn the true reasons as the years went by.
Their love was much deeper than I could see.
It was hard to understand for a child like me.

Now that I've been there, it has opened my eyes.
What used to seem harsh, is now profoundly wise.
So, in your youth, you should think twice,
about heeding your elders, and taking their advise.

Life will be smoother.  You'll never be sorry.
You'll have far less pain, and a lot less worry.
As you grow older you will then understand,
They weren't some grouchy, meddling old woman or man.
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