We Asked For It!
© By Grady L. Duncan

Our parents went to town one day,
leaving my brother and me behind.
As long as we had something to do,
not going, we didn’t mind.
They’d only be gone a little while,
so they figured we’d be alright
as long as we didn’t play with fire
or get into one of our fights.

We’d never betray their trust,
being the angels we were,
so we busied our little hands
doing what they would prefer.
We got the (stupid) bright idea,
we’d fulfill our mother’s wishes,
though we’d never done it before;
we washed up all the dishes.

Too short to reach the sink,
we each drug up a chair.
With all the splashing and sloshing,
we got soaked to our underwear.
When they were washed and dried
and neatly all put away,
we were so proud of our deed,
that we didn’t go out to play.

We sat on the front door steps,
grinning from ear to ear,
watching as every car went by,
hoping they’d soon be here.
As they pulled in the drive,
they knew something was up,
for we greeted them at the car,
like a couple of excited young pups.

Needless to say, they were pleased.
Hugs and kisses were our reward.
As a bonus they gave us that job,
and we did it from that day forward.
That day taught us a lesson
that we’d remember for many a year;
When there is a chore that needs doing,
you are foolish to volunteer.

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