When Love Leads
© By Grady L. Duncan

Love is that golden cord
that binds us to each other.
It begins as a very small child
bonds with father and mother.

When siblings come along,
they, too, receive the same.
We’re bounded to one another,
by love, by blood and name.

As our worlds expands, in time,
we meet and bond with friends.
Some friendship last a little while;
but the best ones will never end.

From among those special ones,
we most likely will choose a mate.
Our love should then endure,
whatever may be our fate.

Greater joys never known before,
or sorrow and grief may come our way,
but, we can face them all together,
as love grows deeper day by day.

That golden cord stays strong still,
often strained but never broken.
Love knows not the slightest shame,
when loving tender words are spoken.

God blessed us by His love.
A greater friend will never be.
He sent His Son to die,
so that you and I can be free.

His love is there to lead us,
to that land of endless day.
If we love and obey Him,
His love will light the Way.

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