When Ill Winds Blow
© By Grady L. Duncan

Nature’s rage has finally ended.
Nothing still remains the same.
Now a new storm is raging,
as factions find someone to blame.
The storm left much damage,
but that cannot be compared
to the damage that is forthcoming,
from the accusations being aired.

While the politicians argue,
and divide this great land,
the people came together,
and have lent a helping hand.
While government’s parties bicker,
rather than working as one,
the people have united
to do what must be done.

We have elected our officials,
and pay them a phenomenal wage.
Every time they get together,
they just argue and vent their rage.
If fighting was what we wanted
we could get that free.
All we would need to do,
is turn on our TV.

We say we are “United”.
Right now that’s hard to see.
This government is as divided,
as it was back in 1853.
While its people bear the burden,
of a government that’s at war,
their cries go unheeded,
their pleadings are ignored.

Much like the aftermath of Katrina,
what is needed is not done.
If the raging storm doesn’t cease
we will surely perish as “One”. 
It’s time to stop the fighting.
I think we have had enough.
There’s a lot that needs doing,
So get with it. Get off your duff!

Support the Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort
Support the Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort
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