Where Was God???
© By Grady L. Duncan

Many have asked the question,
when tragedy enters their life;
How could God let this happened,
allowing me this pain and strife?

I, myself have also ask Him,
Why me Lord?  Why me?
Then I came to understand,
His natural laws apply. You see?

All beings, whether great or small,
are the subjects of those rules,
whether they are master minds,
or whether blithering, dawdling fools.

We all will make mistakes at times,
or happen to be in the wrong place,
when others make their mistakes.
That’s the reality we all must face.

That’s not to say God is unconcerned,
as He just watches from His throne,
letting us suffer and grieve each day.
No He hasn’t left us all alone.

His Word is always with us,
showing how things should be.
His ears is ever listening,
to hear each and every plea.

In these we can find comfort,
guidance and hope, for which we long .
Then we’ll finally come to understand,
and place the blame where it belongs.