Who's To Blame?
© By Grady L. Duncan 

Hello! Are you listening?
There's something you should know,
about a certain situation,
that happened long ago.
Some are pointing fingers,
others are feeling shame,
but to tell you the truth,
we all must bear the blame.

I don't know how to put it,
but I'll give it a try.
It was because I sin,
my Savior had to die.
No man killed my Lord.
It was not within our power.
He willingly obeyed His Father,
in that decisive hour.

He freely gave His life,
and bore the grief and pain,
that we might be saved,
and regain our Hope again.
In death he paid the price,
to redeem those who obey.
With the washing in His blood,
He takes their sins away.

Such love deserves our trust.
In His promises we can rely.
He's prepared for us a place,
In heaven, when we die.
It's all told in the Bible,
so open it and find your way.
Prepare to face the end,
For it surely will come some day.

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Graphic by G.L. Duncan