Who’s To Judge?
© By Grady L. Duncan

Behind the eyes of every person lies their true inner being.
They may be very different than what we think we’re seeing.
What we see is just a facade made of hair, flesh and skin.
They may not be a depiction of what really lives within.

The color of one's skin or the language that they speak,
are inadequate to disclose the answers that we seek.
Though they may be handsome, or a beautiful Southern Belle,
we can’t know by their looks if we have judged very well.

One may be ugly as a toad, or wrinkled and growing old,
looking like the wicked witch, but having a heart of purest gold.
Their heart may be evil and filled with the bitterest gall,
someone we could never please nor ever place our trust at all.

Though some reveal their nature and we see it in their face,
try not to make that  judgment.  It’s really not our place.
Beware of first impressions. They are often very wrong.
Time will reveal their true nature.  It won’t take very long.

“By their fruits ye shall know them”.  (Matt. 7:16-20)
“Judge not according to the appearance,
but judge righteous judgment.”  (Jhn 7:24)

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