Why, Lord???
© By Grady L. Duncan

It is hard to understand, Lord.  Help my wondering mind to know,
how you could be so loving, toward this wicked world below.
From the dawn of creation, you had formed a wondrous plan,
knowing you must sacrifice, to save your creation, "Man".

You placed him in your garden, providing all he would ever need.
Then your sincerest warning, he chose, rather, not to heed.
Then all who followed afterward, have sold their souls in sin.
So Christ left His glories, to win them back again.

Why, Lord, would you let Him, give up His rightful place,
to face a life of suffering, and bearing our sins' disgrace?
Why did they have to beat him, tearing His flesh from the bone?
Why the crown of thorns, and mocking His rightful throne?

Why a death so horrid, being nailed to that cruel tree?
The pain must have been awful, when pierced by the nails, three.
Hanging there He struggled, to draw each precious breath.
Yet He prayed, "Forgive them".  There He suffered death.

My guilt is overwhelming!  I know that I'm to blame!
My tears flow, unbidden.  My heart is torn with shame.
Why, Lord, do you love me? I'm not worthy of such care.
But, still there's place in heaven, and you want me there.

Though I don't understand it, I am sure it had to be.
The depth of your amazing love, is too deep for one like me.
So, forgive me when I question, something I can't understand.
Some day I will know the answers, in the far off Promised Land.

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