Winter Of '46
© By Grady L. Duncan
The war was, now, over, and with on more, "gas ration."
We had traveled to grandma's, for a holiday vacation.
Four hundred miles from home, eating our "Holiday Dinner,"
the sky was turning gray, with the first sign of Winter.
I looked out the window, as it was beginning to snow.
Then Daddy, excitingly said, "Get ready! - Let's Go!"
To leave such a dinner, was far from our wishes,
but grandma said, "Go on,  I'll do the dishes."

Before we could leave, and get on the road,
there were three more passengers, to add to our load.
My Aunt and her daughters. coming to spend a few days.
which didn't happen often, it was such a long way.
Three adults and five kids, were now all abroad,
with the necessary luggage, in the Old '38 Ford.
Now loaded and gassed up, we could get underway.
It was now snowing hard, and well past midday.

For the first hundred miles, traveling was a breeze,
but then, it get colder and was beginning to freeze.
With a cousin on my lap, my feet felt like stone.
Her weight on my legs, felt like "bone on bone."
The snow on the windshield, was beginning to stick.
The road was icing over, and getting real slick.
No heater to warm us, nor melt off the ice,
we couldn't see out.  We were is blind as those mice.

The windshield was covered, and with nothing to thaw,
my Aunt rolled down her window, and called "GEE or HAW!"
Daddy was a farmer, so he knew what that meant,
and for the next two hundred miles, that how it went.
With the window down, we were freezing to death,
and were covered with quilts, trying to get our breath.
Fifty miles from home, we felt a big "thump."
No question about it, we had just hit a skunk.

For the rest of the way, we had to hold our nose.
The smell was so bad, it stunk up our clothes.
Dad found some store, and for a wee bit of cash,
he bought some candles, to put on the dash.
The heat from the candles, caused the ice to melt.
Now Daddy could see, and the warmth could be felt.
The Lord was with us.  He saw us through,
but I've often wondered, "Was He cold too?"


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